Paper Accepted: ZW Zhu et al by Journal of Hazardous Materials

May 28, 2022

The following paper was recently accepted:

Recent Advances in Chemical and Biological Degradation of Spilled Oil: A Review of Dispersants Application in the Marine Environment

Zhiwen Zhu*, Francois Merlin*, Min Yang*, Kenneth Lee, Bing Chen, Bo Liu,
Yiqi Cao, Xing Song, Xudong Ye, Qingqi K. Li, Charles W. Greer, Michel C. Boufadel, Lisa Isaacman, Baiyu Zhang**

* Co-first authors: Zhiwen Zhu, Francois Merlin and Min Yang
** Corresponding Author: Baiyu Zhang

Journal of Hazardous Materials (Elsevier, SCI IF= 10.588)

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