Paper Published: M. Yang et al. by Journal of Hazardous Materials

The following paper was published recently: Microplastic-Oil-Dispersant Agglomerates in the Marine Environment: Formation Mechanism and Impact on Oil Dispersion Min Yang, Baiyu Zhang, Xiaying Xin, Bo Liu, Zhiwen Zhu, Guihua Dong, Yuming Zhao, Kenneth Lee, Bing Chen Journal of Hazardous Materials (Elsevier, IF: 10.588) DOI: Click here to read Read more…

Paper Accepted: B. Liu et al. by Environmental Reviews

The following paper was recently accepted for publication: Progress of Optical Biosensors for Analysis of Pathogens and Organic Pollutants in Water since 2015 Bo Liu, Xing Song, Weiyun Lin, Yan Zhang, Bing Chen, and Baiyu Zhang Environmental Reviews (Canadian Science Publishing, IF: 5.212) More information about this journal: