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NRPOP Participated in the Whale of a Day Exhibition

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The NRPOP was proud to participate in the prestigious “Whale of a Day” exhibition held last weekend, where we had the opportunity to present our laboratory’s research focus to the public.

From Left to Right are Hongyi Li (he/him, Ph.D. Student), Junzhang Chen (he/him, M.Eng. Student), Hemeihui Zhao (she/her, M.Eng. Student), Masoumeh Bavadi (she/her, Ph.D. Student), Jiayi Chen (he/him, M.Eng. Student)
(Photo from NRPOP lab, 2023)

During the event, NRPOP demonstrated its approach to physical emergency response technology for marine oil spills, utilizing a small-scale skimmer. This demonstration showcased our commitment to advancing the field of marine research.

The Whale of a Day exhibition attracted a diverse audience, including many children and teenagers’ curious minds with a keen interest in scientific research. NRPOP provided them with informative presentations about the prevention and mitigation of marine pollution. This interaction was not only educational but also aimed at inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards who are vital to our planet’s future.

NRPOP remains dedicated to its mission of pioneering research in marine science and environmental conservation. The organization looks forward to continued opportunities to service the community and inspire a greater appreciation for the importance of preserving our precious marine ecosystems.

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