E-6002 2023 : Ship Structures I

by : Claude Daley DSc FEC FSNAME FCAE PEng

Professor, Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering

Course Outline and notes:

FINAL Exam with Solutions

Course Outline

Course Text [24 MB]

Definitions of Ship Terms

Problem Sets

Problem Set #1 Due Sept 10

Problem Set #2 Due Sept 17

Still Water Bending Example for use with Problem Set #2

Statics Review Videos:

1st Statics Review: . Static Reactions [8MB mp4 video]

2nd Statics Review: . more reactions [13MB mp4 video]

3rd Statics Review: .when you can use equivalent force [10MB mp4 video]

4th Statics Review: . Centroids [10MB mp4 video]

5th Statics Review: . Section Modulus [7MB mp4 video]


Math Review Videos:

1st Math Review: [32MB mp4 video]

2nd Math Review: [20MB mp4 video]

3rd Math Review: [20MB mp4 video]

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