M. Tariq Iqbal


B.Sc. (UET, Lahore), M.Sc. (QAU, Islamabad), Ph.D. (Imperial College London), P. Eng.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Memorial University of Newfoundland

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, A1B 3X5

Office: CSF-3122: E-mail: tariq@mun.ca : Phone: (709) 864-8934

Research Interests:

Research Projects led by the current graduate students:

  1. Dynamic modelling and optimization of hybrid water pumping system for Libya (Faisal Alkarrami) (PhD)

  2. Load forecast based adjustable power output control of a large hydro generation system (Somkene Mbakwe) (M.Eng.)

  3. Internet of things applications to micro-grid and hybrid power systems (Cherechi Ndukwe) (PhD)

  4. Design of Hybrid power systems for oil facilities (Charles Osaretin) (PhD)

  5. Design and control of a hybrid power system for a remote telecommunication facility in Nigeria (Cyprian Oton) (M.Eng.)

  6. Distributed generation system with peer to peer energy trading for Pakistan (Mirza Jabbar Baig) (PhD)

  7. Design, simulation and analysis of PV power and reverse osmosis system for a house in Iran (Mohammad Mousavi) (M.Eng.)

  8. Design of a low cost open source SCADA for a small solar lighting system (Japhet Ozogbuda) (M.Eng.)

  9. LoRa based system for PV farm module level monitoring and fault diagnosis (Aruoriwoghene Okere) (Ph.D.)

  10. Design a low cost encrypted LORA based communication system for remote micro-grids (Amir hossein Jahanfar) (M.Eng.)

  11. Design and simulation of a hybrid power system for a house in Nigeria (Stephen Ogbikaya) (M.Eng.)

  12. Design and analysis of a micro solar electric vehicle for application in Pakistan (Ali Husnain) (M.Eng.)

  13. Design and analysis of a hybrid renewable power systems for a plant in Lahore Pakistan (Luqman Ahsan) (M.Eng.)

  14. Reduced order dynamic model and simulation of a hybrid renewable power system (Sayed Arash Omidi) (M.Eng.)

  15. Design and analysis of a solar fishing boat for Newfoundland (Taslima Akter) (M.Eng.)

  16. Design and analysis of a community size solar powered reverse osmosis water system for Pakistan (Usman Uddin) (M.Eng.)

  17. Design and analysis of a solar water pumping system for a fish farm in Pakistan (Adnan Sarwar) (M.Eng.)



Recent graduate students:

  1. Design of vehicle to home and vehicle to grid energy system for Newfoundland conditions (Raghul Sundararajan, M.Eng. Fall 2021)

  2. Design and analysis of a DC stand-alone photovoltaic battery system for a rural house in Liya (Youssef Dabas, M.Eng. Fall 2021)

  3. Design and optimization of a small compressed air energy storage system for isolated applications (Hanif Sedighnejad, M.Eng. Fall 2021)

  4. Design, optimization and analysis of a solar water pumping system for Pakistan (Usman Ashraf, M.Eng., Spring 2021)

  5. Design and Dynamic Modeling of a Solar Electric Boat Power System (Mohammad Abu Abdullah Al Mehedi, M.Eng., Spring 2021)

  6. Design and Analysis of an Off-grid Solar System for DC Load of a House in Pakistan (Bilal Muzaffar, M.Eng. Spring 2021)

  7. Design and Analysis of Solar Water Pumping for Drip Irrigation in Iran (Mohammad Zamanlou, M.Eng. Winter 2021)

  8. Design of a PV system including its SCADA for a house in Iran (Atefeh Zare, M.Eng. Winter 2021)

  9. Design of a PV System for a house in Pakistan and its open source ultra-low power data logger and controller (Asif ur Rehman, M.Eng. Winter 2021)

  10. Development of an Alternative Droop Strategy for Controlling Parallel Converters in Standalone DC Microgrid (Muamer Shebani, Ph.D. Winter 2021)

  11. Design, Simulation and Analysis of a Passive House and its Renewable Energy System for Newfoundland (Sabir Manzoor, M.Eng. Fall 2020)

  12. Design, analysis and control of solar heating system with seasonal thermal energy storage (Md. Habibur Rahaman, M.Eng. Fall 2020)

  13. Modelling of commercial, industrial and house electrical load and short term forecasting (Hla U May Marma, M.Eng. Fall 2020)

  14. Detection of copy-move forgery in digital images using different computer vision approaches (Younis E. Abdalla, Ph.D. Winter 2020)

  15. Open Source SCADA Systems for Small Renewable Power Generation (Lawrence Aghenta, M.Eng. Winter 2020)

  16. Solar Water Heating Systems with Thermal Storage for Application in Newfoundland (Rabbani Rasha, M.Eng. Winter 2020)

  17. Dynamic Modelling and Fuzzy Logic Control of a Large Building HVAC System (Almahdi Abdo-Allah, Ph.D., Winter 2020)

  18. Long-range and Secure Communication System for Remote Data Logging and Monitoring of Micro-grids (Amjad Iqbal, M.Eng. Winter 2019)

  19. Dynamic modeling, simulation and data logging of a hybrid power system for a remote house in Qinghai province in China (Bojian Jiang, M.Eng. Winter 2019)

  20. Design and Analysis of a Hybrid Power System for Western Libya (Fathi Mosbah, M.Eng. Fall 2018)

  21. Low cost data logger and monitoring system for a small solar PV energy system (Debobrata Gupta, M.Eng. Fall 2018)

  22. Sizing, dynamic modeling and control of a solar water pumping system for irrigation (Shatadru Biswas, M.Eng. Spring 2018)

  23. A Communication Method for Remote Control of Grid-tied Converters (Terashmila Lasagani, M.Eng. Winter 2018)

  24. Low-cost SCADA platforms for a solar energy system (Ibrahim Allafi, M.Eng. Winter 2018)

  25. Design and Modelling of a Large-Scale Solar Water Pumping System for Irrigation in Saudi Arabia (Abdulhamid Alshamani, M.Eng. Winter 2018)

  26. SCADA System for Remote Control and Monitoring of Grid Connected Inverters (Sarinda Jayasinghe, M.Eng. Winter 2018)

  27. Design and Modelling of a PV System for a House in Saudi Arabia (Saif Alharbi, M.Eng. Fall 2017)

  28. Design of renewable energy system for a mobile office/hospital in an isolated rural area (Emadeddin A A Hussein, M.Eng. Spring 2017)

  29. Fuzzy Logic Control of MPPT Controller for PV Systems (Mahmud Ahmed Sasi, M.Eng. Spring 2017)

  30. Design and Analysis of a Net-Zero Energy House and its Power System for Libya (Gamal Ali Alamri, M.Eng. Winter 2017)

  31. Modelling and simulation of solar water heating system with Thermal storage (Ahmed Mohamed Aisa, M.Eng. Winter 2017)

  32. Energy consumption analysis and future trends for Newfoundland (Tasnova Jesha, M.Eng. Spring 2015)

  33. Study of stand-alone and grid connected setups of renewable energy systems for Newfoundland (Syedali Meghdadi, M.Eng. Spring 2015)

  34. Real-time analysis of carbon dioxide concentration curves for intelligent ventilation control (Peter Parsons, M.Eng. Winter 2015)

  35. Small wind turbine based packet energy system with battery storage (Shakhawat Hossain, M.Eng. Spring 2014)

  36. Modelling, design and simulation of a low-cost supervisory controller for Ramea hybrid power system (Jiuchuan Zhang, M.Eng. Winter 2014)

  37. Natural gas fuel cell based power system for MUN Engineering Building (Mahmuda Tanni, M.Eng. Winter 2014)

  38. Modeling and simulation of wind speed and wind farm power prediction (Deepa Paga, M.Eng. Fall 2013)

  39. Dynamic modeling and supervisory controller design for a small isolated hybrid power system with pumped hydro storage (Rahimul H. Asif, M.Eng. Fall 2013)

  40. Renewable Sources Based Micro-Grid Control Schemes and Reliability Modeling, (Razzaqul Ahshan, Ph.D. Spring 2013)

  41. Power Performance Investigation and Control System Design of Grid-Connected Small Wind Turbines, (Md. Alimuzzaman, M.Eng. Spring 2013)

  42. Optimal sizing, modeling and design of a supervisory controller for a stand-alone hybrid power system, (Mohamed El-Badawe, M.Eng. Fall 2012)

  43. Twisted Savonius Turbine based Marine Current Energy Conversion System, (Md. Imtiaj Hassan, M. Eng. Fall 2011)

  44. Modeling and Comparison of Dynamics of AC and DC Coupled Remote Hybrid Power Systems (Tanjila Haque, M.Eng. Fall 2011)

  45. Communication System for the Remote Hybrid Power System in Ramea Newfoundland (Juan Acevedo, M.Eng. Spring 2011)

  46. Sizing and Control of a Flywheel Energy Storage for Ramea Wind-Hydrogen-Diesel Power System (Khademul Islam, M.Eng. Spring 2011)

  47. Dynamic Modeling of a Wind-Diesel-Hydrogen Hybrid Power System (Md. Maruf-ul-Karim, M.Eng. Spring 2010)

  48. Performance and Reliability Comparison of Grid Connected Small Wind Turbine Systems (Md. Arifujjaman, Ph.D. Spring 2010)

  49. Adaptive Power Tracking Control of Hydrokinetic Energy Conversion Systems (Jahangir A. Khan, Ph.D. Spring 2010)

  50. Risk-based Fault Diagnosis and Safety Management for Process Systems (Huizhi Bao, M.Eng. Winter 2010)

  51. Design of low speed axial flux permanent magnet generators for marine current application (Sanjida Moury, M.Eng. Winter 2010)

  52. Remote control of distributed generation system (Farhana Lina, M.Eng. Fall 2009)

  53. Design and development of a marine current energy conversion system using hybrid vertical axis turbine (Jahangir Alam, M.Eng. Fall 2009)

  54. Grid impact of wind energy on isolated and remote power system (Sheikh Mominul Islam, M.Eng. Fall 2009)

  55. High performance fuel cell power generation system for stand-alone applications (Martin Ordonez, Ph.D. Winter 2009)

  56. A micro seafloor marine current energy conversion system (Nahidul Khan, M.Eng. 2008)

  57. Control system for small induction generator based wind turbines (Razzaqul Ahshan, M.Eng. Fall 2007)

  58. Control of a hybrid energy system (Mike Snow, M.Eng. Fall 2007)

  59. Safety instrumented system for process operation based on real time monitoring (Cen Nan, M.Eng. Winter 2007)

  60. An isolated small wind turbine emulator (Md. Arifujjaman, M.Eng. Fall 2006)

  61. Fuel cell simulator system (Martin Ordonez, M. Eng. Winter 2006)

  62. Reliability and condition monitoring of a wind turbine (Mohsin Khan, M. Eng. Spring 2005)

  63. Simulation of a wind fuel cell hybrid energy system (Jahangir A. Khan, M. Eng. Fall 2004)